Kosovo: Small action grants

The Swiss Cooperation Strategy focuses on large, long-term programmes, which are implemented with professional partners. In order to support grassroots initiatives, the embassy of Switzerland and the Swiss Cooperation Office can additionally (co-)finance projects by local organisations quickly and with a minimum of bureaucracy through small action grants.

These small action grants aim to contribute to social inclusion and improved livelihoods, especially for the most, disadvantaged and vulnerable within Kosovar society. Previous grants ranged from cultural projects, sports activities, environmental activities and human rights initiatives to small-scale development projects. 

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, projects should:

  • Directly benefit at least one vulnerable group - including, but not limited to, minority communities, women, children, war victims, LGBTQI or people with disabilities - and address their (re)integration, empowerment or the fulfilment of their human rights;
  • Take place mainly in Kosovo (regional initiatives can only be considered as long as at least half of the activities take place in Kosovo);
  • Be submitted by an organisation with adequate structures, which is registered in Kosovo;
  • Present a budget where administrative costs do not exceed 15 percent of total cost and where the implementing organisation contributes part of the total cost (in cash or in kind);
  • Respect the law and follow sound managerial and financial practices; and
  • Projects of nation-wide scope and those covering minority areas should work in both of Kosovo's national languages, i.e. Albanian and Serbian. 
  • There are two types of small action applications being considered: project application with a budget request up to 6'000 EUR and project application with a budget request between 6’000 and max. 20’000 EUR.

Exclusion criteria

The small actions grants are not used to finance:

  • Individuals or individual beneficiaries;
  • Running costs of a public institution, governmental body or other organisation;
  • Organisations that are affiliated to political parties, religious institutions or the military;
  • Discriminatory or anti-democratic activities;
  • Purely commercial activities;
  • Projects that solely consist of purchasing materials;
  • Infrastructure or construction costs;
  • Projects outside of Kosovo;
  • Scholarships, study tours abroad, stipends or tuition fees;
  • Missions of foreign experts;
  • Planning and evaluation activities;
  • Contributions to large-scale projects or programmes;
  • Charity events;


Grant recipients need to submit an operational and a financial report within 60 days after the end of the project activities. The operational report should evaluate activities, outputs and outcomes in light of what had been planned according to the application form. The financial report should list all the submitted original supporting documents (bills, receipts, contracts etc.) against the respective positions in the budget that was submitted as part of the application.


Applicants are invited to send electronic copies of the duly completed application form and attached budget form (see templates below) together with their project proposal  (maximum 5 pages)  to the following email address: pia.smallactions@eda.admin.ch

Please remember to save the templates on your computer before you start filling in your application.

Small Actions Application Form Template (PDF, Number of pages 4, 51.2 kB)

Small Actions Application Budget Template (XLSX, 11.0 kB)