Transversal themes


Governance principles will cut across all domains and interventions. Of particular relevance is the principle of non-discrimination with regard to the heterogeneous groups Swiss programmes are cooperating with. More emphasis will be given to principles of accountability and transparency, which are of paramount importance against the background of numerous corruption cases in public life.


Given the male dominance in almost all dimensions of public life, with patriarchal mindsets still prevailing particularly in rural areas, and the low degree of sensitisation for this issue, Swiss cooperation will adopt a systematic approach. This approach aims at understanding and addressing root causes of gender disparities. A thorough gender analysis will be developed, leading to gender-sensitive intervention strategies, objectives and targets. Especially in rural areas, the principles laid out in SDC's guidelines on Women's Economic Empowerment will be given particular attention.

A man and a woman having a discussion in a working group on gender issues in Bangladesh
SDC/John Paul Kay

For SDC, gender equality is a transversal theme, a theme cutting across all of SDC’s development programmes where it is systematically fostered. Indeed, the reduction of discrimination based on gender is at once both a goal of development and a pre-condition for development to take place.

SDC's worldwide engagement

Woman during a medical consultation with her baby in Gambia
SDC/Laura Dem

Gender equality is crucial for effectively reducing poverty and improving the economic prospects of partner countries. SECO strives to offer women and men equal opportunities for development.

SECO's worldwide engagement