Trade Promotion for Businesses

The federal government supports Swiss companies in expanding their business internationally. All of the representations in the FDFA's external network offer basic services aimed at supporting exports and promoting Switzerland as a business location. Basic services include providing information, advice, and contacts, supporting events and delegation trips, and consular protection, as outlined below.

In key markets, the Swiss Business Hubs provide extra services in addition to basic services (see the right-hand column for the contact details of business hubs).

Key information

The “Business Travel Guide” is aimed at business people and contains practical information, tips on the local culture, and important addresses and telephone numbers.

A separate document entitled “Legal Provisions” outlines the key legal provisions which must be observed by export companies when establishing commercial ties.

The Swiss embassy also produces an annual economic report which highlights current economic problems and challenges, provides an overview of the relevant international and regional economic agreements and ongoing negotiations, and analyses the development of foreign trade and direct investment.

Individual advice

Swiss and Liechtenstein companies may request individual advice from the embassy. The embassy can

  • provide general information about the local market and business environment,
  • help identify potential business opportunities by gathering key information on individual sectors and companies,
  • facilitate contact with local authorities and state-controlled companies by acting as a door opener.

If the services provided exceed one hour, the embassy may request a fee. It will inform the company of any costs involved before carrying out the services.

The export promotion agency Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) – mandated by the Swiss Confederation – offers further information and advice on setting up international business. Bilateral chambers of commerce and a large number of private firms also provide specialist advice and support. The S-GE's Expert Directory contains all the contact details you need.

Expert Directory

Switzerland Global Enterprise S-GE - ExportHelp

Events and delegation trips

The embassy organises numerous official events and delegation trips. It can provide its know-how and network of contacts to support industry associations or companies wishing to hold a promotional event or fact-finding mission. The embassy can arrange contacts with local service providers or provide one of its official reception areas for an event, for example. It can also advise associations and companies on which guests to invite, and help arrange appointments with local authorities or associations.

Services connected with events or delegation trips that exceed one hour are subject to a fee.

Consular protection

The embassy can provide consular protection for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies in certain cases, particularly in the form of intervening with the relevant authorities of the host state.

Consular protection activities are intended to help a company exercise its rights under the local legal system, especially if it is experiencing difficulties that have not been caused through its own negligence.

There is no legal entitlement to consular protection. Any action taken must be proportionate, reasonable and carried out at the appropriate level.