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A lush harvest with Darkhan Gumat organic fertilizer

26.03.2022 — Local news Mongolia
In February 2022, Bio Undarga’s Darkhan Gumat fertilizer line was launched. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation team had the pleasure of attending the start-up’s product launch ceremony. Located at the state-owned Darkhan-Uul Institute of Plant and Agriculture Sciences (IPAS), this public-private development project is the company’s third innovative product line. 

Gobi Mirage

23.03.2022 — Local news Mongolia
There was a post office in a tiny village in the Gobi, abandoned since early 2000, that was featured in a famous movie once. Camels wandered on the outskirts of a village in a stunningly beautiful Gobi with antelopes and ibex aplenty, where sands were broken by saxaul and elm. 

The famous Mongolian rock band The HU joins the Responsible Nomads brand

22.03.2022 — Local news Mongolia
What amazes you first when coming to Mongolia? Perhaps the endless steppes reflecting sunlight from the window of your plane or train? These steppes seem empty at first, but if you look closer, you’ll see it’s full of life and soul. Just imagine the open steppes, wind in your face, galloping on the back of a horse. What would you probably do? We bet you’ll feel like singing. Maybe that’s why Mongolia is home to so many internationally famous opera singers. 

“The Secret History of Mongol Costumes” documentary

21.03.2022 — Local news Mongolia
Do you know the unique clothing from Mongolia, the deel, colorful and often decorated with beautiful embroidery? Are you able to distinguish between the symbolism of different head decorations for women and men, the unique and amazing hats? 

Message from Head of Cooperation

20.03.2022 — Local news Mongolia

Dear readers,

I am happy to present another issue of “Onsite Insight” newsletter.

In this edition, we would like to take you into the evolving world of business. 

Mongolian-made yak leather football reaches Dubai

19.03.2022 — Local news Mongolia
Mongolia has around 600,000 yaks. They live mostly in high-altitude mountainous regions. There are 20,000 herder households tending yak herds for a living. Yaks are environmentally friendly animals, making use of rangelands in the Khangai and Altai mountain ranges. They are perfectly adapted to the extremely cold environment due to the unique features of their skin and fibre, which provide warmth and comfort. They are also highly resilient and adaptive animals.

MyHotel is preparing hospitality service providers for a digital future

18.03.2022 — Local news Mongolia
Mongolia, a country with rich history, pristine nature, wildlife, and nomadic cultural heritage, faces challenges in adapting to a new wave of technology in the digital age and identifying ways to accelerate the development of tourism and hospitality services. Through the digitalisation of hospitality services, Mongolia will make progress in building an inclusive and sustainable tourism system that supports economic development.

Parliamentary education for children

27.01.2022 — Local news Mongolia
The role of citizens in a democracy does not start and end with the election of parliament members as their representatives. The parliament must always be in touch with the people to stay connected to their interests and needs. On the other hand, citizens, especially children and youth, need to actively express their views. Therefore, just like parliament, citizens have the responsibility, right, and duty to guarantee a thriving democracy.

The child protection system still needs more attention

25.01.2022 — Local news Mongolia
After legal reform in 2016, not only did many new services, service providers, and cooperation emerge in the child protection system, but coordination among duty bearers also strengthened. Legislative acts and standards were ratified, designed to ensure the implementation of these laws. Today, regulations are being developed and gradually improved. However, there are many challenges still facing the child protection system. 

Message from Head of Cooperation

24.01.2022 — Local news Mongolia

Dear readers,

As I write these lines, we have already entered 2022. I sincerely hope that you had an inspiring start to the New Year. The latest COVID-19 statistics in Mongolia give a glimmer of hope and certainty about recovery in the coming months.

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