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Air Pollution Knowledge Platform launched

05.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and Ulaanbaatar City Municipality, in collaboration with UNICEF Mongolia and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation launched the knowledge management platform on air pollution, Agaar Neg (

Digital traceability systems certifying distinct qualities of Mongolia’s nomadic livestock products handed over to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry

05.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
Over centuries, nomadic herders of Mongolia have developed numerous experience and knowledge in their endeavor to maintain a harmonious co-existence with fragile and sensitive ecosystem of dry and semi dry rangelands. However, with overgrazing and the deterioration of rangelands, this ecosystem is now in danger. In the end, severe degradation of rangelands can lead to a drastic reduction of income both for herders and for Mongolia, as Agriculture including herding is the second pillar of the national economy. 

Football is my future

04.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
SDC had the chance to meet with a wonderful young man, his name is Battuguldur and he is 21 years old. He started to share with me a wonderful story from being child to become a professional “Football maker”. He lives with his sister and her four children after a long time apart. When his mother was alive, she took him to an orphanage because she could not afford to raise two children. Ten years of his life, he spent in the orphanage. Only then, his mom took him back to care for him. Unfortunately, already a year later, his mother passed away and now he stays with his sister. His sister does construction work, but it is seasonal. 

Increasing the Red Deer population in Western Mongolia’s Khantaishir Mountain

03.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
This project is about the protection of the wonderful and unique wild red deer population in the Western Mongolia’s Khantaishir Mountain. It is sad to see, that in the recent decades the red deer population dramatically decreased in the wild nature. Therefore, the Government of Mongolia decided to take immediate measures to protect these animals and listed the red deer as a “rare species” since 2001. A national program protection program started.

Blossoming Nomads-Contortionist girls changing the world

03.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
“I’ve come across a historical document that says a contortion performance used to be held at the Saran Khukhuu Theater, founded by the famous Mongolian enlightener Danzanravjaa in the 18th century. Considering that it had already become an art form in the 18th century, we see contortionism as a part of Mongolian cultural heritage that has existed and developed in Mongolia through the ages. 

School of Veterinary Medicine of the Mongolian University of Life Science builds a smart Auditorium for Distance Learning

02.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
The rapid development of the information technology industry is revolutionizing many areas, including vocational education. Taking advantage of new technology resources, the Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS), in collaboration with the SDC’s Green Gold Animal Health Project, has opened a new smart auditorium for distance learning, to provide continuous postgraduate training to support veterinarians working in remote aimags and soums. 

Boy's Forum, an event insprired by the Education for Sustainable Development Project

01.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
When it comes to boys talking to one another, there are many points for discussion, counseling, experience sharing, and decision making. How do boys develop themselves? How can they effectively spend their free time? Where do they get information from, with whom do they share their secrets, can they be open and honest when talking to their teachers and parents?

Decentralisation reform process in Mongolia

01.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
The Parliament of Mongolia approved amendments to the Law on Administrative and Territorial Units and Their Governance (LATUG) just before the New Year, legislation that is considered nearly as important as the Constitution of Mongolia. The LATUG is a fundamental, organic law that regulates all legal issues for administrative and territorial units at all levels of government, as well as their governance.   

Message from the Head of SDC in Mongolia

30.04.2021 — Press release Mongolia
It is true. Time does fly. Memories of my arrival in beautiful Ulaanbaatar are still fresh. In the blink of an eye, I have already spent nine months as Head of the Swiss Cooperation Office and Consular section in Mongolia.

Call for Small Action Project Proposals

25.01.2021 — Local news Mongolia
The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s (SDC) overall objective in Mongolia is to contribute to the empowerment of Mongolian citizens and institutions towards an equitable, green and prosperous society, leaving no one behind. The current domains of intervention are Agriculture and Food Security, Governance and Basic and Vocational Education and Training.  

Call for art and culture project proposals

04.01.2021 — Press release Mongolia
The Swiss Cooperation Office in Mongolia is calling for proposals for art and culture projects with the aim to foster local cultural identity and artistic diversity and encourage the creative use of art for social transformation and development in Mongolia.

Switzerland's responses to COVID-19 in Mongolia

04.05.2020 — Press release Mongolia
Despite being itself affected by the COVID-19, Switzerland decided to show solidarity and support to Mongolia in facing the negative consequences of the anti-COVID measures affecting the Mongolian population.

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