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International mobility has increased in the past years and will remain particularly important in the future. © FDFA, Presence Switzerland

There are many different reasons for temporary or permanent residence abroad ranging from being employed or retiring abroad. If you wish to emigrate from Switzerland, you have to follow many legal regulations and overcome a number of administrative hurdles.

You can find extensive information in the following rubrics to help you devise and carry out your plans.

Emigration checklist

Emigrating: before and after What you need to do and when.

Working abroad

How to find a job, submit an application, to recognize your diplomas and other useful information

Information about countries

Publication “Living and Working abroad”

The FDFA offers detailed dossiers on the topic “living and working abroad” for the major destinations. These files are availabe in German, French and Italian.

Information about countries

Spotlight on the Swiss community abroad

The Swiss community abroad and the Confederation

Issue no. 62 and e-dossier no. 63 of Politorbis contain background information and a wealth of interesting facts about Swiss emigrants

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Die konsularischen Dienstleistungen des EDA: Jahresausgabe 2018

Die Welt der konsularischen Dienstleistungen in Zahlen (2018). Die jährlich aktualisierte Broschüre zeigt auf, welche Dienstleistungen das EDA in der Schweiz als auch im Aussennetz für die Schweizerbürgerinnen und Schweizerbürger erbringt.

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