Since the beginning of the new millennium, Peru has been characterized by relative political stability and exceptional economic growth.

Despite these achievements, important economic challenges remain, such as low productivity and high informality in the private sector, an export growth model based largely on the exploitation of natural resources, and a high vulnerability to climate change.

To achieve the overall goals of fighting poverty and promoting social inclusion, SECO plans to address such challenges by supporting Peru's sustainable and regionally balanced growth and the country's integration into the global economy. Accordingly,

SECO will support Peru in the following four areas:

  1. Promotion of a competitive private sector with access to finance and global markets.
  2. Sustainable and integrated urban infrastructure to address challenges in relation to rapid growth of emerging cities.
  3. Sustainable management of natural resources to promote long-lasting growth, prevent environmental degradation and mitigate climate change.
  4. Effective and transparent public economic governance to promote stable and favourable economic framework conditions and accountability towards citizens.