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Swiss Great Lakes Program and the response to COVID-19 Pandemic

18.05.2020 — Local news Rwanda
Switzerland has been present in the Great Lakes region since the 1960s. In order to deal effectively with the complex political, security, humanitarian and development challenges that characterize the region, Switzerland has adopted a coordinated approach of its foreign policy instruments. For three decades, Switzerland has mainly implemented development cooperation programs. From the 1990s, the emphasis was also placed on humanitarian aid and peacebuilding activities. Currently, the Confederation's action in the Great Lakes region is based on four priority areas: i) Dialogue, Fight against Impunity and Diplomacy; ii) Protection of Civilians; iii) Employment and Economic Development; iv) Health and Combating Violence against Women.

Healthy and affordable floors with a new cement-free technology

19.07.2019 — Local news Rwanda
At the “Swiss Youth and Future prize 2019” competition, an innovative project won the first prize: “Oxara”, a spin-off from former students of the ETH Zürich developed a solution to produce a poured earth concrete by using the landfill waste that is locally available. The idea is simple and competitive. The Oxara earth concrete has all the advantages of concrete, is 2.5 times cheaper and 20 times more ecofriendly.

Inauguration of an 8-in-1 Affordable Urban Housing Demonstration Block in Nyarugenge District, Kimisagara Sector

15.10.2018 — Local news Rwanda
The inauguration of the “8-in-1 Affordable Urban Housing Demonstration Block”, showcasing the possibilities of the Modern Bricks Technology developed by the Swiss PROECCO Project was held in Kigali on Tuesday, October 2nd 2018. The ceremony took place in presence of the Minister of State for Socio-Economic Development, the Mayor of the City of Kigali and the Swiss Ambassador to Rwanda.

Fostering freedom of expression and strengthening civil society: the role of culture in development cooperation

09.02.2018 — Press releases EDA
The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) supports various projects in culture and the arts in partner countries because artists and culture professionals have an important role to play in shaping economic, social and cultural life. The exchange of ideas between artists from countries of the South and East and Switzerland is therefore the focus of 'CROSSROADS – International perspectives on culture, art and society', an event co-organised by the SDC and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in Basel and Geneva from 8 to 10 February.

Topical politics and historical events: President Burkhalter meets representatives of the Belgian government in Brussels, and attends commemoration of First World War casualties in Ypres

14.11.2014 — Press releases EDA
Today's visit of President of the Swiss Confederation Didier Burkhalter to Belgium has two distinct parts. This morning he was received by Philippe, King of the Belgians, and held political talks with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders. The afternoon is dedicated to commemorating the suffering and the victims of the First World War, when President Burkhalter will visit a trench system from that time in Ypres, and take part in a ceremony of remembrance with three classes of Swiss schoolchildren. For President Burkhalter, visiting the former battlefields in West Flanders is symbolic of the ongoing need to do everything possible to secure peace.

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