Yantan Ministry and GIL coming to Taipei

Saturday, 23.11.2019 – Saturday, 23.11.2019


Yantan Ministry & GIL
Yantan Ministry & GIL © Sabina Boesch and Ellie L. Brown

As a result of this year's releases on Danse Noire, Country Music and Yegorka, Jackie Poloni (Yantan Ministry) and Gil Schneider (GIL) are embarking on a tour in East Asia. With DJ and live sets they present their new music and strengthen their existing friendships, as well as the musical and personal bond with musicians and composers of the East Asian region.

On tour together for the first time, Yantan Ministry and GIL will be stopping in Taipei on the 23rd of November to play their Taiwanese debuts at Final. They will be joined by GIL’s label mate Meuko Meuko along other local acts to be announced soon.

If you want to find more about their work, check out the Soundcloud links below:

Yantan Ministry