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To date an estimated 25% of Ukrainian territory has been exposed to active conflict and may be contaminated with landmines and explosive ordnances. Under the umbrella of UNDP, experts from the finance sector and the mine action sector will assess ways to involve private investors in the long-term financing of mine action in Ukraine. The UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland contribute to the financing of this study. 

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Conflict & fragility
Removal of land mines
01.11.2023 - 30.09.2024
CHF  160’000
Background To date an estimated 25% of Ukrainian territory (approx. 175,000 km2) has been exposed to active conflict and may be contaminated with landmines and EO (explosive ordnances). The reality is that only a fraction of this will require clearance, and so survey activities are crucial to better define the true nature and extent of contamination. 
Objectives The primary objective of this project is to set the foundations for an innovative finance facility to increase funding available for mine action in Ukraine in the immediate and longterm, based on a central aim of combining government donors and leveraging private sector investments.
Target groups

- Donors for mine action in Ukraine

- Government of Ukraine

-Private investors

- Mine action operators

Medium-term outcomes Feasibility study for an innovative financing product for mine action in Ukraine, including profitability and revenue generation for investors. 

Expected results:   1.1 An inception report with workplan and methodology 1.2 A feasibility study with relevant innovative finance models 1.3 Increased awareness of how innovative finance can increase funding for mine action in Ukraine 1.4 A proposed governance structure for the management of the recommended innovative finance facility or products 1.5 An evaluation methodology for projects to be selected for finance by selected instrument, including bankability rating 

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Project partners Contract partner
United Nations Organization (UNO)
  • United Nations Development Programme

Coordination with other projects and actors This project inserts itself into the endeavour of Switzerland to substantially support mine action with a package over the years 2024- 2027.
Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    160’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    157’500 Budget inclusive project partner CHF    602’000 Total project since first phase Budget inclusive project partner CHF   160’000