Disaster risk reduction, emergency relief and reconstruction

Water and disaster risk management:


introduction of participatory, transparent and equitable system of water resources management in the Fergana Valley (and other regions in Uzbekistan)



a) Supporting the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management principles with a special focus on the irrigation sector in the framework of regional and bilateral interventions

b) Strengthening the capacities of water users at the community level, Water Users’ Associations and canal management and the interaction between the water management hierarchies

c) Developing the database for enhancing water and land use efficiency and effectiveness

d) Promoting synergies between disaster risk preparedness, prevention and management.


 People being provided with water from a tank in South Sudan

Emergency relief means saving lives, alleviating suffering, and ensuring survival. Damage is repaired as rapidly as possible, and additional emergency measures are taken to help the victims survive. The next step is to re-establish basic supplies and services and to support the afflicted population in the task of reconstruction.

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