To symbolise cybercrime, a man in a hooded sweatshirt sits in front of a computer displaying a map of the world and modifies programming codes.
Switzerland's key cybersecurity strengths are in the areas of politics and strategy, as well as in its legal and regulatory frameworks. © Keystone

The Federal Council has set itself the goal of positioning Switzerland, and in particular International Geneva, as a leading place in terms of digitalisation and technological debates. This objective means that Switzerland, as host state, offers the international organisations based in Geneva the best possible framework conditions in the digital space.  The National Cyberstrategy also defines measures to increase the cyber-resilience of international Geneva.

The Swiss Mission 

As the first point of contact for international organizations and permanent missions based in Geneva, the Swiss Mission receives and directs requests from the international community to specialists. 

Useful resources of the specialised authorities

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is the Confederation's centre of competence for cyber security and the first point of contact for the business community, the administration, educational establishments and the general public for all questions relating to this field.

The police services of the Republic and Canton of Geneva monitor developments in internet crime and also provide advice on cyber-prevention. The priorities of the State Council and the latest news on digital policy are available on the "Genève numérique" page.


On 30 November 2023, the FDFA, the NCSC and the Republic and Canton of Geneva organised an event to help strengthen the cyber-resilience of NGOs and international organisations. The event provided an opportunity to present the resources available to IOs and NGOs. Find the complete press release here: Information sharing and community building to boost cyber-resilience in International Geneva