Thematic Funds in Bulgaria

Switzerland works with thematic funds for some of the projects in Bulgaria. There are six thematic funds in total that assist in the seven key areas of safety, civil society, partnerships, integration of Roma, healthcare, research and scholarships.

A girl looking at a book with various woodland animals.
The children's nature academy in Uzana is part of the thematic fund to strengthen civil society. Young generations have the opportunity to discover the importance of the natural world and biodiversity, and learn how to use resources sustainably. © SDC

The thematic funds are administered by Swiss Intermediate Bodies, which analyse project proposals and make recommendations to Switzerland for approval. The use of thematic funds has several advantages: the topics are focused as the fund is limited to seven key areas; the funds also ensure that projects are selected sensibly and implemented efficiently and correctly, as Swiss partners with in-depth expert knowledge of the topic oversee the process. The following thematic funds are currently being implemented in Bulgaria:

thematic Funds Fund Administrators
Security Team Consult
Research Scholarship Sciex CRUS
Research SNF
Civil Society InnovaBridge Foundation
Partnership InnovaBridge Foundation
Home Care Swiss Red Cross
Inculsion of Roma and other vulnerable groups SDC
Dual Track Professional Education SDC