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The Swiss contribution is an investment in Europe’s security, stability and prosperity. It is an integral part of Switzerland’s European policy and consolidates Swiss-EU relations as a whole and with individual member states.

Switzerland lies right in the heart of Europe. The EU, with its 27 member states, is Switzerland’s most important partner by far – unsurprisingly given its geographic and cultural proximity and more especially the EU’s political and economic importance. Therefore, in order to ensure its own long-term prosperity and security, Switzerland is reliant on a stable and economically robust environment in Europe.

Strengthening relations with the EU and its member states

With its contribution, Switzerland is strengthening its bilateral relations not only with the individual partner states but also with the EU as a whole. The contribution is integral to Switzerland’s foreign policy on Europe and boosts Switzerland’s positive reputation abroad.

Strengthening partnerships

The Swiss contribution helps to establish new partnerships between institutions in the partner countries and Switzerland. These partnerships are extremely valuable for Switzerland’s integration in European networks. Cooperation promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience and raises Switzerland’s profile in Europe.

Addressing cross-border challenges

Economic disparities and youth unemployment in Europe have increased since 2008 in the wake of the financial and economic crisis. Moreover, the increasing and unevenly distributed migration from 2015 onwards has placed considerable demands on many EU member states. These developments also pose risks for Switzerland. By focusing on vocational education and training and on migration, Switzerland is helping to overcome these challenges.

Opportunities for the Swiss economy

Switzerland has access to the single market through a series of bilateral agreements with the EU. It therefore benefits from economic and social development in the recipient countries of the Swiss contribution, as their fast-growing purchasing power makes them attractive prospective markets for Swiss businesses.