Poland – A partner country for Switzerland’s contribution to EU enlargement

Between 2007 and 2017, Switzerland contributed CHF 464.6 million to the successful implementation of 58 projects in Poland.

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Projects in Poland

Switzerland supports 58 projects in Poland with its EU enlargement contribution

Results in Poland

Switzerland uses its enlargement contribution to promote renewable energies, dispose of waste containing asbestos and help secure the eastern border of the Schengen area

Bilateral Framework Agreement with Poland

Die Schweiz hat mit Polen ein bilaterales Rahmenabkommen abgeschlossen. Sie entscheidet in Absprache mit Polen und unabhängig von der EU, welche Projekte sie unterstützt

Focus Areas

In addition to the thematic focus, part of the enlargement contribution is also to be geographically concentrated. The regions of „Lubelskie", „Malapolskie", „Podkarpackie" and „Swietokrzyskie" are vested with priority. With a per capita gross domestic product lying at approx. 35% of the EU-25 average, these regions boast the lowest development indicators in Poland. At least 40% of the enlargement contribution to Poland is to go to the benefit of these regions either directly or indirectly.

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Swiss Enlargement Contribution: Annual Report 2017

The ten countries that joined the EU in 2004 have completed their projects under the enlargement contribu-tion. SECO and the SDC have taken stock of the last decade and published the results in their 2017 annual report. The projects have made a significant contribution to reducing economic and social disparities in Europe. Switzerland was also able to use its expertise to make a meaningful contribution to a number of projects.

Infrastructure projects in Poland

Thanks to the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme, 44,000 families now live in asbestos-free houses. Switzerland contributed CHF 115 million to support energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in a total of ten projects. In addition, Switzerland funded measures to improve public transport.

The Swiss Enlargement Contribution

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs present an interim balance sheet on the first five years since the approval of the Enlargement Contribution to the new 10 EU-Member States. The projects are to be implemented within another five year period, i.e., by 2017.

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Consultation on a second Swiss contribution

Young man in a Slovakian vocational school.

28.03.2018 –
At its meeting on 28 March 2018, the Federal Council decided to initiate the consultation procedure on a second Swiss contribution to selected EU member states. With this contribution, Switzerland aims to continue to contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the EU member states. Last year, the Federal Council set two priorities for this contribution: vocational education and training and migration.

Targeted hepatitis C prevention in Poland

29.09.2017 – Article

Switzerland has been supporting Poland’s efforts to prevent hepatitis C. Some 25,000 people have been tested for the virus and a nationwide campaign has succeeded in raising public awareness. The data gathered will now serve as input for the relevant national health strategies.

10 years of contribution to the enlarged EU: efforts pay off

Workers installing solar panels in Niepolomice, Poland.

19.06.2017 – Press releases

The 10-year implementation period for Switzerland’s enlargement contribution to the 10 central and eastern European countries that joined the EU in 2004 came to an end on 14 June 2017. Under the contribution, Parliament approved a total of CHF 1 billion to implement 210 projects which have helped reduce economic and social disparities among broad sections of the population living in the EU.

Switzerland shares best practice in the field of energy

A group of people walking down some stairs towards the turbines at the hydroelectric power plant in Broc.

03.04.2017 – Article
Poland has been demonstrating a keen interest in renewable energies and raising people's awareness of climate protection. That is why Switzerland has been supporting ten projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in Poland over the last five years. It is also the fifth time that Switzerland has hosted a delegation of representatives from Poland interested in finding out more about our energy policy and expertise in this field. Given that Switzerland’s contribution to the EU’s ten new member states will end in June 2017, the most recent visit of the Polish delegation was even more important in terms of maintaining partnerships between the two countries and Switzerland’s activities in Poland.

The new Transport Hub in Legionowo is now open


06.10.2016 – Local news

On 11 September, a new Transport Hub was opened in Legionowo near Warsaw, improving the quality and operational effectiveness of the local and regional public transport system. Switzerland provided 85% of the total cost of the investment, which has been the largest in Legionowo’s history.

Conference on benefits of municipal investments in renewable energy

06.10.2016 – Local news

On 13th of October, we invite you to a conference on “Municipal investments in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency – environmental and socio-economic benefits”, which will be an occasion to share experiences from implementation of projects that received co-financing under the Swiss Contribution to Poland.

Wood-generated heat and electricity in Poland

The head of the Lebork district congratulates the city's mayor on the successful completion of the plant and hands him a congratulatory message.

29.06.2016 – Article
Lebork has completed the construction of a heat and power cogeneration plant on schedule and connected it to the city's district heating network. The plant now provides 40% of Lebork's energy needs for hot water and heating. At the same time it generates electricity for the local electricity network.

Sciex research programme comes to an end

a female researcher in a laboratory

28.09.2015 – Article

The closing ceremony of the Sciex scholarship programme was held on 25 September 2015. Thanks to this programme, more than 500 doctoral and post-doctoral students could visit Switzerland for a limited period to conduct and expand their research. 

SDC Director-General Manuel Sager visits Poland

Mr Sager, project partners, regional authorities in Poland

21.09.2015 – Article

From 14 to 17 September SDC Director-General Manuel Sager visited Poland, where he attended a conference on Switzerland's contribution to the enlarged EU. The visit was also an opportunity to meet with colleagues from the Swiss contribution office and with project partners, and to visit various projects in the field.

Health Projects in Poland Reporting Encouraging Results

A kindergarten bathroom.

31.08.2015 – Article

Switzerland supports several health projects in Poland. Their objectives include promoting oral health in pre-school, preventing hepatitis C infections, and reducing alcohol, tobacco and drug use during pregnancy. According to the mid-term reviews, the projects are well on track and are showing encouraging results.

Safe streets in Poland thanks to Swiss expertise

A police officer checks a driver's licence.

10.04.2015 – Article

With 86 fatalities per million inhabitants every year, Poland – together with Luxembourg – ranks second among the most dangerous countries in Europe for road safety. On 6 February 2015, the Polish parliament adopted a law to improve road safety, which was signed by the Polish president on 2 April 2015. The road safety project, part of Switzerland's enlargement contribution, provided Swiss expertise to support this process.

Federal Council opens consultation on the continuation of the Federal Act on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe

17.12.2014 – Press releases
The Federal Council has opened the consultation on the continuation of the Federal Act on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe (Eastern Europe Cooperation Act). The current act is still valid until the end of May 2017. A timely prolongation should enable the seamless continuation of cooperation with the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The consultation will last until 31 March 2015.

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The Swiss contribution in brief

Information on Switzerland’s contribution to the enlarged EU: a brief presentation including project examples.

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