Slovak Republic – A partner country for Switzerland’s contribution to EU enlargement

Between 2007 and 2017, Switzerland contributed CHF 63.5 million to the successful implementation of 23 projects in Slovakia.

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Projects in the Slovak Republic

Switzerland supports 23 projects in the Slovak Republic with its EU enlargement contribution

Results in the Slovak Republic

Switzerland uses its enlargement contribution to promote vocational education and training in an effort to reduce youth unemployment, help Roma children enter school and connect poorly developed regions to the sewerage system

Bilateral Framework Agreement with the Slovak Republic

Switzerland has concluded a bilateral framework agreement with the Slovak Republic. Switzerland decides in consultation with the Slovak Republic and independently of the EU which projects it will support

Focus Areas

In addition to the thematic focus, part of the enlargement contribution is also to be geographically concentrated. The region "Eastern Slovakia" (Presov and Kosice) are vested with priority. With a per capita gross domestic product lying at approx. 35% of the EU-25 average, these regions boast the lowest development indicators in the Slovak Republic. At least 40% of the enlargement contribution to the Slovak Republic is to go to the benefit of these regions either directly or indirectly.