Previous Missions

CIVPOL has already carried out operations in Macedonia, Georgia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Guinea Bissau and South Sudan. You will find an archive here containing information on completed operations.  


The mandate of the EUPOL PROXIMA was to reform national police forces and border police in Macedonia so that they could comply with European standards

UNOMIG Georgia

The United Nations Observation Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) was initially established to monitor compliance with the ceasefire between the Georgian government and the Abkhaz authorities in Georgia

MONUP Croatia

The United Nations Observer Mission in Prevlaka (UNMOP), in Croatia, was established in February 1996 as the successor to the United Nations operation for the re-establishment of confidence in Croatia (UNCRO)

EUPM Bosnia and Herzegovina

The European Union Civilian Police Mission (EUPM) was conducted from 2003 to 2012 with the primary objective of reforming the police forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina so that they might reach compliance with international standards

EULEX Kosovo

Supporting the authorities in Kosovo in building multi-ethnic and independent judicial, police and customs systems

UNIOGBIS Guinea-Bissau

The United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office for Guinea-Bissau (BINUGBIS) has in particular been confided with the mandate to support the services provided by the police, the internal security authorities, and the justice system within the scope of an integrated reform

UNMISS South Sudan

Consolidating peace and security and creating an environment where the newly independent nation of South Sudan can develop


Switzerland seconded a judicial police officer to UNSMIL from 2013 to 2014.

UNOCI Ivory Coast

Supporting police training and advising Ivorian customs officials in Bouaké

UNMIL Liberia

Protecting UN staff, the civilian population and infrastructure; supporting humanitarian aid efforts and assisting with the reform of national security organisations

OSCE Vienna

Switzerland seconds a police expert in Vienna to the Secretariat of the OSCE. This expert works as an adviser for the fight against trafficking in human beings.