Swiss artist Josette Taramarcaz in Yerevan

Thursday, 01.09.2016 – Sunday, 11.09.2016


Swiss artist Josette Taramarcaz in Yerevan
Swiss artist Josette Taramarcaz in Yerevan FDFA

Josette Taramarcaz, Swiss artist, invited for a residence-exhibition, by the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan, will produce in situ, a work on the theme of the exile.

The project, entitled «Uprooted», «Déracinés « is based on the narrative of Hrant Margaryan which intends to describe the migratory route of his family from 1915 till 1955.

Leaving the western central Anatolian plateau of Turkey, the Margaryan family, having lived several successive and forced migrations, decides to join Armenia in 1946.

Through the story of a family, Josette Taramarcaz emphasizes on the 1-2 universal natural attachment in one’s own ground, one’s own culture, and on the will to find each one’s own roots.

Work in progress

Between the 6th and 31st of August, during the creation inside the Museum, the public will have the opportunity to follow the development of the project and its realization, on every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays afternoon.


From the 1st to the 11th of September, the exhibition will be opened every day except on Mondays. It will present the Installation of Josette Taramarcaz «Uprooted» and a video of Hovhannes Margaryan, realized on the testimony of his father, Hrant.

Edmond Habetian inspired by Josette Taramarcaz’s installation will create a performance during the Opening Day on September the 1st. He will be accompanied by “Armenian viola” Gregor Arakelian. A second performance will take place on September the 8th and will be followed with a discussion on the theme of the exhibition «Uprooted».

The installations, the video and the performance, evokes in parallel the new human uprooting which happen nowadays all over the world.

Location: the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan

Location: Yerevan, Armenia