ARé -2018

Thursday, 12.04.2018 – Saturday, 12.05.2018


ARé Festival
ARé Festival © FDFA

"ARé" is a performance and " hybrid art " fest. The hybrid art category is dedicated specifically to today’s hybrid and transdisciplinary projects. Multidisciplinary and international in scope—the festival stands in its commitment to bring together critically acclaimed work from different disciplines under the umbrella of a single festival. Suggesting a new main topic for each year, the festival showcases acclaimed international and local artists and mixes them with an alchemy that inspires audiences, rejuvenates artists. In this year’s addition of Are festival, Swiss artists Silvia Baechli, Eric Hattan, Ian Duyvendak, Christian Zehnder are forming the festival’s Swiss focus.

The artists involved in “SELFIE” edition of  “ARé -2018” are and /are not making artworks inspired by selfie culture.They are toying with the idea, pointing out some necessities, digging deep. They touch on difficult subjects without shying away from their complexity. Uncomfortable topics emerge in their works, encouraging viewers to ask questions rather than merely providing them with answers.

Location: Vordan Karmir carpet museum

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