Small Projects

Guidelines for small projects of the Swiss Embassy

Aim and purpose

  • An instrument to support small local initiatives in the field of local development on a one-time basis (non-renewable support)
  • Small projects to support civil society actors, including women, youth and minorities (see this year's thematic focus)
  • Through targeted actions, small projects should offer contributions to innovative, potentially sustainable solutions in the areas of development

Principles and selection criteria

Self-reliance: encourage own delivery, support local efforts

Sustainability: ensure long-term results, avoid dependency, e.g. include dedicated fundraising/solutions activities to ensure sustainability

Institutionality: promote existing institutions (in the sense of sustainability), avoid creating new structures, if possible, help create synergies between different initiatives

Innovation: support innovative ideas

Appropriateness: support solutions / cultures / proposed local customs, appropriate technology

Subsidiarity: support is subsidiary to the services provided by the groups/organizations in question

Competence: those responsible for the project must have the necessary organizational skills and knowledge to carry out the project

Simplicity: simple and clearly defined actions whose realization and impact are verifiable

Location - the project must be implemented in Cameroon.

Duration - the start and end dates of the project must be clearly specified.

The total duration of the implementation should not exceed 12 months


Types of projects that, in principle, can not be financed

  • Projects that deal with subjects that do not fall within the mandates of Swiss development cooperation
  • Projects of organizations that are already partners in a Swiss development cooperation project
  • Projects of for-profit organizations/companies,
  • Projects for religious purposes
  • Provision of materials (including vehicles)
  • Contributions in favor of individuals
  • Scholarships for study stays in Switzerland or study trips to Switzerland
  • Advisory missions of foreign experts
  • Charitable events (fundraising, sponsorship)

The following information must be included in the project presentation file

  • Project objective, expected results
  • Context
  • Rationale
  • Description of strategic alliances
  • Project beneficiaries
  • Beneficiary or organizational contributions
  • Entity and individuals responsible
  • Project timeline
  • Detailed budget (amounts required)
  • Administrative requirements
  • Indicators of success

Submission of projects

If you are interested in submitting a cooperation project to the Swiss Embassy in Cameroon, please use the project application form (PDF, 1 Page, 434.5 kB) for your submission. Please note that an organization can only receive Swiss funding once for a small project. Your application must include the basic data mentioned above. A submission does not guarantee funding; successful projects are chosen through a selection process.