Crossing movements: Art and its double

Sunday, 27.03.2016 – Tuesday, 26.04.2016


Event poster
Event poster Beijing Audiovisual Center

Could the vitality of the painting process become a permanent art work itself? What experience visitors would encounter if different forms of visual art are curated into one show? Go to the Art and its double exhibition and find out the answers yourself! Swiss painter and performer Jerome Liniger joins hands with international artists Christophe Averlan, Nicolas Jacquette and Katy Martin to go beyond their individual artistic forms to create a rich language and diverse meeting points. Joining the dialogue of different disciplines are also artists and philosophers from China, France, Iran and the US. 

Opening program 27th March, 2016

Official opening: 3pm
Presentation of exhibition: 3:30pm
Performance-The Meeting Point: 4pm
Cocktail reception: 4:40pm
Round table discussion: 4:40pm

The meeting point

Location: Beijing Audiovisual Center