SwissCham Egypt

In January 2022, the Swiss Egyptian Chamber of Commerce “SwissCham Egypt” newly formed itself to support business and trade relations between Switzerland and Egypt. It is registered as a nonprofit organization with Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity. Its board and membership are comprised of businesses across industries, from Egypt and Switzerland, multinational corporations, local Egyptian businesses and nonprofit organizations.

SwissCham aims to promote the business opportunities and interests of Swiss and Egyptian companies through expert service and engagement. While strengthening bilateral economic development and trade relations, SwissCham commitments involve a renewed focus on personal and professional development through leadership development programs and mentoring opportunities, along with workshops to improve corporate culture, recruitment, and retention.

Furthermore, SwissCham maintains close cooperation with the Swiss Embassy in Cairo to support alliances, events and development opportunities for the benefit of the close relations between Egypt and Switzerland.


SwissCham has undergone a digital transformation prior to its launch, enabling access to its membership and services online through its website and new social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

SwissCham members enjoy customized collaboration and services that promote business success, as well as the benefits of a variety of events that encourage networking and collaboration. It offers its members the following additional privileges:

  • Visa Fast Track
    Accelerating visa application to facilitate travel.
  • Networking
    Cultivating business and lasting professional relationships.
  • Exposure
    Raising the profile of business and services within an impactful global community.
  • Information
    Providing news and updates critical to business success and industry insights
  • Discounted Services
    Facilitating business needs with quality service.

SwissCham Partnerships:

SwissCham furthermore established strategic partnerships with: 

  • Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), the official Swiss organization for export and investment promotion with offices throughout Switzerland and in 31 countries. As a global link between companies, experts and public organizations, S-GE enables efficient promotion of foreign trade - in addition to export promotion, S-GE is also responsible for advertising Switzerland as a business location abroad. SwissCham Egypt and S-GE signed a service level agreement in 2022.
  • The Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Medical Supply, and Technology Management (UPA): The Egyptian health sector is one of the main priorities of the Egyptian Vision 2030. UPA was established as an integral part of the current restructuring of the health sector to effectively contribute to the core values of the Egyptian Vision 2030. As Egypt's centralized procurement and supply interface for all pharmaceutical and medical goods, UPA strives to ensure equitable access to medicines and health products by building robust and sustainable partnerships with the private sector for the localization of critical high-tech health products.