Simplified naturalisation of a foreign child born of the marriage with a foreign national and whose mother had Swiss citizenship before or when they were born

Art. 51 para. 1 of the Swiss Citizenship Act (SCA) provides that a foreign child, born out of the marriage of a Swiss mother and a foreign father, the mother having acquired Swiss citizenship before the birth of the child or having possessed it at the time of the child’s birth, can submit a simplified naturalisation application provided they have close ties with Switzerland. If the mother lost her Swiss citizenship through forfeiture or relief before the birth of the child, a simplified naturalisation according to art. 51 para. 1 SCA is not possible.

The applicant has close ties with Switzerland under Art. 11 of the Ordinance on Swiss Citizenship (SCO) if they:

  • stayed in Switzerland at least three times for a minimum of five days each time during the six years preceding the submission of the application;

  • are able to engage in everyday spoken communication in a national language;

  • have a basic knowledge of the geographical, historical, political and social particularities of Switzerland, and

  • maintain contacts with Swiss people. 

In addition, simplified naturalisation is granted provided that the applicant respects public security and public order, respects the values of the Federal Constitution, participates in economic life or completes an education or training programme, encourages their family members to integrate and does not compromise Switzerland's internal or external security. 

If the applicant has children who are minors, they can be included in the application. 

The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) is the competent authority for deciding whether an application for simplified naturalisation is granted. 

If you meet these conditions, please contact the competent Swiss representation in your country of residence, which will provide you with the relevant forms and information.


Swiss law recognises dual citizenship. You can in principle keep your original citizenship. Acquisition of Swiss citizenship may, however, result in loss of your original citizenship if the law of your country of origin requires it. Relevant official information can be obtained from the authorities of the country of origin.

Dual Citizenship