Driving licence and vehicles

If you are planning to leave Switzerland and move abroad, or you have already done so, this page explains the steps you need to take with regard to your Swiss vehicle registration document and Swiss number plates, as well as the requirements you need to meet in order to drive on your Swiss licence in other countries. It also explains under what conditions you may drive in Switzerland on a foreign licence.

Transfer of license

Swiss citizens must transfer their Swiss driving license into a Hungarian one within 12 months after they register their main domicile in Hungary. (Swiss-)Hungarian nationals must do so within 6 months. For the transfer, the following documents are required:

the current driving license
a confirmation of Hungarian residence permit
medical certificate issued by a Hungarian doctor
appropriate valid personal identity document (ID card, passport)

On site, the request for the Hungarian driving license will be filled out and a photograph for the new license will be taken. The competent authority is the Central Office of Administrative and Electronic Public Services (1133 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 110).  An appointment for the transfer has to be made in advance under this link.

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