Helpline FDFA

Travel advice

Travel advice in the form of bulletins concerning the safety situation abroad. These bulletins are intended to supplement other information sources.

Travel advice (fr)

Each country issues its own visa and entry requirements. If you need information on these regulations, contact the foreign embassy or consulate in Switzerland.

Plan well. Travel well.

For your next trip abroad, order the Helpline flyer with a detachable card free of charge. This practical card in form of a credit-card provides you with useful information such as the telephone number and e-mail address of the FDFA Helpline, along with important internet addresses to help you be well prepared for your next trip.

Helpline-flyer (PDF, 2 Pages, 737.5 kB, multilingual: German, French, Italian, English)

Order (de)

Travel Admin App

Travel with the Travel Admin App! Simply upload the app on your smartphone free of charge to obtain up-to-date information on the current security situation at your travel destination and to have the addresses of Swiss embassies and consulates at your fingertips.

Travel Admin App for iPhone (App Store Switzerland)

Travel Admin App for Android (Google Play Switzerland)

Travel Admin - online registration for Swiss nationals travelling abroad

You and your relatives can register details of your tourist and business trips abroad (short stays) on this portal. This information will enable the FDFA to locate and contact you more easily if the security situation suddenly deteriorates drastically.

Travel Admin – online registration

Consular protection

Swiss nationals will receive consular protection if they have exhausted all means of helping themselves. In an emergency (accident, death, arrest, etc.), the representation examines the options for providing support together with the individuals in need of help.

Living abroad

General issues relating to emigration, your stay abroad and returning to Switzerland.

Other consular services

Questions concerning services offered by Swiss representations in connection with registration, passports and IDs, civil status, civil rights, notarisations, confirmations, certificates, inheritance, social care, deposits, etc.

Contacting the Helpline outside normal working hours

In an emergency, the FDFA Helpline can be reached at any time outside normal working hours for matters concerning the FDFA.