Notarization and Authentication

Within its mandate as the Protective Power of the United States in Iran, the Foreign Interests Section of the Embassy of Switzerland is permitted to perform diplomatic and consular tasks such as notarizations. The procedure is approved by the U.S. authorities for documents to be used in the U.S., the services are performed according to Swiss standards. Notarizations performed by this office may look different from a U.S. notary acknowledgement; for further information please refer to the U.S. Department of State.

General Information

All consular services require a prior appointment. To make an appointment please call the Foreign Interests Section.

Please make sure to be on time for your appointment; late arrivals or no shows need to make a new appointment. If you have to cancel your appointment please inform this section at least 24 hours in advance.

U.S. passport holders living in Iran are kindly invited to register at this office and to keep their contact information updated. 

Notarizations and authentications are primarily provided for U.S. citizens and legal U.S. permanent residents only. Foreign nationals (e.g. Iranian citizens) may also have documents notarized, but only if credible evidence is provided that the notarized document is required by a U.S. authority, institution or company (e.g. USCIS, law firm).

The notarizing official of this office has to refuse any notarization if he/she does not understand the language of the document or if he/she deems the content of the document dubious, illegal, immoral or inimical to the best interests of the United States.

Notarization of signature

For a Power of Attorney (proxy), either the principal or the agent should be a U.S. citizen or a U.S. permanent resident. The original passport of the principal (U.S./Iranian) as well as a copy of the agent’s U.S. passport or permanent resident card must be provided. If your document requires the presence of witnesses, you must supply these witnesses and they have to present their valid Iranian or foreign passport. The staff of this office is not allowed to act as witnesses.

Supra-notarization of notarization by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The notarization of the Iranian Foreign Ministry on an officially translated document is only valid for six months.


This office can establish certified true copies of Iranian vital records and passports only if they are requested by a U.S. authority and the request is documented. Requests for authentication of U.S. vital records or U.S. identification documents should be addressed directly to the U.S. authority which issued the document in question and cannot be handled by this office. For further information please consult the U.S. Department of State.

Please note that fingerprints cannot be authenticated in any way by this office.

The relevant fee is payable by bank card only in Iranian Rials Fees for Consular Services (PDF, 1 Page, 207.7 kB, English)

All previously mentioned services can be obtained by  appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled by phone exclusively.