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Ambassador Lukas Gasser
Ambassador Lukas Gasser © Embassy of Switzerland in Jordan

September 2018 marked the start of a most fascinating new story for me and my family. Having been posted as a diplomat in Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and the Caucasus before, our immersion in this new part of the world has been very rewarding since our arrival.

For ages, Arabian culture has exerted a particular fascination on western travelers and it still continues to do so today. Jordan and Iraq, where I am also representing Switzerland, are two of the countries which show this in a most exemplary way.

Jordan is the place from where Switzerland manages its globally largest regional development cooperation programme. Our representation in Amman continues to grow in size and counts on the dedication of its skilled and highly motivated local and Swiss staff.

Our business relations are founded on many long-standing ties between companies and individuals on both sides, creating an ever-increasing number of jobs and adding to the economic performance of Switzerland, Jordan and Iraq. The bonds between our Countries are strong and become ever more diverse, intensifying in fields such as science, education, military and culture.

Finally, with the launch of its facebook page in 2016, the Embassy stepped up its communication activities and is keen to engage with its followers all over Jordan and beyond. For further information, please visit SwissEmbassyAmman

Yours truly,

The Ambassador of Switzerland

Lukas Gasser