SDC supports the development of tourism in Kosovo

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Local news, 19.12.2019

A new touristic attraction is added to the list of things to do in Prizren. Via Ferrata ‘Panorama’ is a 500-meter long climbing trail in Lumbardhi Gorge that will enable outdoor enthusiasts to test their limits in the south of Kosovo mountains.


During the inauguration ceremony, the Director of Swiss Cooperation Office Katharina Stocker stated that the initiative is a good example of the collaboration between private and public sectors at the local level. SDC fosters such a dialogue as a strategy to improve the employment opportunities and quality of life for all the communities. Kosovo has a significant potential in tourism, be it because of its nature as well as a rich cultural heritage and outdoor tourism attractions, such as the one just inaugurated.

The new touristic attraction, Via Ferrata ‘Panorama’ was developed with the support of the Municipality of Prizren and SDC through the project Promoting Private Sector Employment. The project aims to achieve real integration of SMEs into well-organized, inclusive economic sectors, leading to sustainable employment growth, a diversification of products and services and greater competitiveness in the marketplace.