Focus on security policy in run-up to EPC summit

Press releases, 27.09.2023

The FDFA, together with the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, held a workshop today in Geneva on the role of the European Political Community (EPC) in the European security architecture. Switzerland is actively involved in the EPC as a platform for dialogue and cooperation in Europe. The workshop took place in the run-up to the next EPC summit in Granada, Spain.

The next EPC summit, to be held in Spain in early October, will focus among other topics on multilateralism, security and geopolitical developments. The Geneva workshop aimed to contribute to the thematic discussions of heads of state and government at the upcoming third EPC summit on 5 October 2023 and beyond. The war in Ukraine has fundamentally changed the European security order. Europe is facing a multitude of complex, overlapping crises. "It is up to us to use the tools available to us to tackle the common challenges. Our history has demonstrated that when all like-minded actors join forces, they can find solutions even in situations that seem hopeless," said the FDFA's state secretary, Alexandre Fasel, in his opening address. Switzerland is committed to finding common answers and will continue to play an active role in the EPC.

EPC: a platform for political dialogue

The workshop in Geneva brought together around 30 policymakers and experts from EPC countries and key stakeholders such as the EU, NATO and the OSCE to discuss the future of the European security architecture and the lessons to be drawn from Russia's war against Ukraine. The workshop was an opportunity to exchange ideas and work together to find answers to difficult security policy questions.

EPC meetings bring together representatives from nearly 50 EU and non-EU  member states twice a year. Switzerland was represented at the highest level by the president of the Confederation at the first summit last year in the Czech Republic and at the second summit last June in Moldova. The aim of the forum, which is still in its infancy, is to bring together states from across the European continent in order to promote political dialogue and cooperation. Switzerland sees this as an opportunity to step up exchanges among European partners, including in the area of security, and intends to take an active part in the discussions in Granada.

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