Swiss Old Age and Survivors Insurance OASI/AHV/AVS & NZ Superannuation

Deduction of overseas renders abolished as of 9 November 2020

From 9 November 2020, your New Zealand Superannuation or Veteran’s Pension won’t be affected if your partner’s getting an overseas pension, e.g. from the OASI. If your pension has been reduced because your partner has a OASI render from Switzerland, based on compulsory contributions, this will no longer be the case as of 9 November 2020 as New Zealand abolishes the so called "spousal deduction". For further information, please visit the following website or contact your local Work and Income office.

New Zealand Parliament

Contact for questions, information and claim of OASI/AHV/AVS renders

Please do not contact the Embassy for questions regarding the Swiss old-age renders but contact directly the Swiss Compensation Office CCO, always by mentioning your personal OASI/AHV/AVS number, at the following address:

Swiss Compensation Office SCO
Av. Edmond-Vaucher 18
POB 3100
CH-1211 Geneva 2

Phone:            +41 58 461 91 11
Fax:                  +41 58 461 97 03
E-Mail:   (for OASI/AHV/AVS renders)
                (for voluntary insurance contributions)
                (for invalidity insurance)

Information for Swiss citizens living in New Zealand regarding the Automatic Exchange of Information