Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership (GWSP) - Phase II

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The GWSP is a leading global "think tank" of the World Bank to address the water and sanitation challenge in an integrated manner, as set out in the Sustainable Development Goals. GWSP advances innovative global knowledge production and exchange as well as builds capacity through country-level support across regions.

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01.11.2019 - 30.06.2023
CHF  4’940’000

Water touches nearly every aspect of global development. It drives economic growth, supports healthy ecosystems and is fundamental for life. Inadequate water services are often at the heart of the problem leading to income loss, impeding firm performance and reducing sales. In the last 4 years, SECO had a successful collaboration with GWSP and achieved good results in I) strengthening of utilities II) hydropower, and III) water economy nexus. Phase II will consolidate these activities and focus on access to finance and resilience. The direct beneficiaries are the developing country policy makers, water and hydropower public utilities.


The overall objective of the GWSP is to support client governments to achieve water related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). To this end, GWSP generates innovative global knowledge and provides country-level support, while leveraging the World Bank's financial instruments and promoting global dialogue and advocacy with key partners and clients to increase reach and impact. This Partnership mainstreams five priority themes (sustainability, inclusion, institutions, financing, and resilience) into the work program of the World Bank's Water Global Practice, focusing on analytical work, capacity building and technical assistance.

Consequently, GWSP will provide new opportunities to test and scale-up innovation, build country capacity where needed, and influence client demand and WB operations. Its work will also influence SECO’s water projects at various stages of preparation and implementation, thereby enhancing the quality of SECO’s work in partner countries.

Effets à moyen terme

Water Supply and Sanitation: GWSP will help clients to invest in building and rehabilitating critical infrastructure while also addressing a core set of policy and institutional priorities.

Hydropower and Dams: GWSP will support infrastructure investment in hydropower, as well as efforts to support the sustainable management of hydropower projects and dam safety.

Water, Poverty and Economy: GWSP will provide evidence to help balance water supply and demand and ensure that water is used more sustainably, and so improve project design.

Financing: The WB’s Maximizing For Development (MFD) approach seeks to use public resources more effectively to crowd in new sources of private finance and service delivery models toward meeting SDG 6.

Resilience: GWSP supports the Water Global Practice in leading the resilience challenge, from catalysing global expert advice on emergency response to drought to developing frameworks for looking at long-term country and city challenges.


Principaux résultats attendus:  

Water Supply and Sanitation: Mainstreaming and institutionalization of a utility improvement framework that systematizes the way performance is assessed and yields a short-term, tailored improvement program for the utility.

Promotion of GWSP’s Policy, Institutional, and Regulatory Incentive Initiative that shall help operational teams to gain deeper insight into the role of institutional dynamics in achieving sector outcomes.

Hydropower and Dams: In Phase II, SECO will continue the dialogue on the application of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol.

Strategic collaboration between GWSP and SECO priority themes of finance and resilience to inform SECO projects design and implementation.

Principaux résultats antérieurs:  

Strengthening of utilities: Development and piloting of a utility turnaround framework, a comprehensive approach for improving performance and improve creditworthiness. This approach builds on SECO's experience in corporate development of utilities. Its development was only possible thanks to SECO's initiative and finance.

Hydropower: Support to 7 developing countries in the use of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. Development of a guidance note for sustainable operation and maintenance.

Water economy nexus: SECO’s support enabled the GWSP to conduct global analytical work and publish several reports that positions the GWSP as through leaders on the linkages between poverty, water, and economy. For instance, the flagship study, entitled Uncharted Waters presents evidence to advance our understanding of how rainfall and droughts affect farms, firms, and families.

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