Climate-friendly growth

SECO is helping to combat the causes of climate change and is fostering climate-friendly growth in its partner countries with modern technologies and approaches as well as new market and financing mechanisms.

Economic growth and increasing urbanisation have accelerated the rate of climate change, jeopardising the progress made in reducing poverty over the past few decades. Extreme events and environmental problems caused by global warming lead to huge costs in terms of human life as well as infrastructure, production plants and harvests, thereby curtailing long-term economic growth. The primary sources of harmful greenhouse gases are the use of fossil fuels and the destruction of the rainforests.

A more economical approach to using energy and resources requires favourable and stable framework conditions, investment security, market access and the protection of intellectual property. To help its partner countries overcome these challenges - some of which are new - SECO is focusing its attention on the sectors with the greatest potential for CO2 emission reduction.