"Are we all e-wasted?" Virtual Museum Tour and Discussion at the UN IGF 2021 in Katowice

Monday, 06.12.2021 – Monday, 06.12.2021


Everyone can register to take part in the IGF 2021 in the Auditorium of the International Congress Centre MCK in Katowice or online, free of charge.

On the first day of the IGF, the so-called "Day 0", the Embassy of Switzerland in Poland organises a virtual tour with the award-winning Museum for Communication in Bern. The virtual tour is followed by an on-site panel discussion with Bernhard Maissen, Director-General of Switzerland's Federal Office of Communications, as well as with Polish and Swiss experts who will discuss the issue of e-waste and the environmental impact of our digital lives. Registration for this hybrid event is open to all who want to participate. Details about the event can be found here on the IGF website

Location: Katowice