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Cultural exchanges between Switzerland and Russia

22.12.2021 — Article Russia
Despite the pandemic, cultural exchange between Switzerland and Russia was quite intense in the second half of the year. It has always been our privilege to contribute to this exchange.

Ongoing promotion of SDGs

22.12.2021 — Article Russia
For several years now, our embassy has been involved in activities related to the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Thanks to our efforts to improve our internal functioning, our headquarters officially labelled us as a “sustainable embassy” in 2020. Moreover, we have organised a series of events dedicated to the SDGs. In the past half year we focused on sustainable forestry, management of water resources and sustainable urban mobility. On all these topics we organized roundtable discussions in our “Carte blanche” series which aroused great interest among the Russian public.

2nd Swiss Ambassador's Award

15.12.2021 — Article Russia
To pay tribute to the heritage and to promote the work of contemporary partners who perpetuate the century-old tradition of Swiss-Russian relationships, the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia has launched the Swiss Ambassador’s Award in Russia (SAAR) in 2020. The 2nd Swiss Ambassador's Award ceremony took place in December 2021 and was handed over in two categories: for the preservation of the historical heritage & for cultural innovation that is taking place today. More than fifty Russian organizations applied for the Award from all Russian regions. 

Siberia shows interest in Swiss culture and innovations

03.12.2021 — Article Russia
We have become frequent visitors to Novosibirsk, the largest city in Siberia: In August, Deputy Head of Mission Tobias Privitelli visited the region on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Friedrich Dürrenmatt, and in early December a delegation headed by Ambassador Krystyna Marty Lang in addition to an extensive cultural program presented in Novosibirsk an exhibition dedicated to Swiss environmental technologies - innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of society. However our trip to Novosibirsk doesn't end here - we are planning to come again in 2022 with a scientific and business programme and our Swiss Days in the region. 

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Program Webinar

30.09.2021 — Article Russia
In order to highlight Switzerland as an education and research destination, as well as to promote the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Program, the Science & Technology Unit of the Embassy on September 30, organized a webinar dedicated to the Swiss Government Scholarships that serve as an efficient tool in bridging Swiss and Russian academic communities. The Russian partner in this project became the educational web platform “Ucheba.Ru” aimed at promoting all types of education in Russia and abroad.

Metalloobrabotka: the biggest Swiss Pavilion in Russia and scientific symposium

27.05.2021 — Article Russia
After a break in 2020 the SBH Russia and the Embassy of Switzerland were more than happy to support Swissmem again in organizing the biggest Swiss Pavilion in Russia at the trade fair Metalloobrabotka. For the first time, the Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing (IWF) of the ETH Zürich together with the Russian Technology University “Stankin” were also present at the show by organizing a joint symposium on the cooperation of academia and business. 

Cultural diversity of German speaking countries at DACHLI Fest 2021

22.05.2021 — Article Russia
From April 12 to May 22, 2021, the 3rd Festival of the Culture of the German-speaking countries DACHLI_FEST was successfully celebrated in St. Petersburg. The four German-speaking countries can be abbreviated as DACHLI from D (Deutschland), A (Austria), CH (Switzerland) and LI (Liechtenstein). Switzerland, which based its program on several historical anniversaries contributed significantly to the highly popular event.

Promoting Swiss Technologies with Russian Energy Companies

20.12.2020 — Local news Russia
In the beginning of the year the Swiss Business Hub Russia has invited Swiss suppliers of the Energy sector to join Ambassador Rossier for a Mission to Moscow and Astrakhan. The goal was to assist Swiss companies in establishing long-term cooperation with key players in the important oil and gas sector in Russia. But since this year hardly any plans could be realized as initially planned, we had to be flexible and improvise. The complete cancellation of the event was no option and we decided to keep at least some of the elements of the program. 

Swiss-Russian Roundtable at the “Open Innovations Forum”

20.12.2020 — Local news Russia
One of the highlights for the Science & Technology Unit of the Embassy was the organization of and participation in the Swiss-Russian Roundtable “New and High Technologies in Industry and Cooperation between Science and Industry” in the framework of the Open Innovations Forum, one of the flagship events for the Russian academic and research community, which took place already for the ninth time this year.

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