State and economic reforms

Support to Political Dialogue and Rule of Law

Interventions and action lines towards supporting a political dialogue will focus on the exchange with, and technical support to, relevant stakeholders with a view to facilitating and strengthening processes towards reconciliation, political reform and inclusive peace. 

It includes the observation of, and response to, emerging tensions as well as the support to initiatives on missing persons (right to know) and other activities aiming at reconciliation processes in line with the Joint Principles.

As regards the promotion and protection of human rights, the focus will lie on a better respect for the rule of law, including sustained engagement and exchange with relevant government and non-governmental actors, support to legal aid and public interest litigation, lobbying for the ratification of key international treaties and instruments and for a stronger engagement by the Government with UN Special Procedures such as Special Rapporteurs. It will also include advocacy and coordination with relevant national and international actors, capacity building and support to relevant civil society organizations.

Medical personnel caring for newborns in a neonatal ward in Lithuania
SDC/Jolanta Normantienè

Poverty means more than having no income, food and education. Unfortunately, the majority of the poorest is also characterized by fear and helplessness, lack of security and rights, discrimination and arbitrary government. So efforts to promote rule of law, human rights and justice are crucial for sustainable poverty reduction and guaranteeing development.

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