Emergencies abroad

Swiss and Liechtenstein citizens facing serious difficulties can contact the Swiss representations or the FDFA Helpline. The FDFA only provides assistance when those affected have taken all reasonable measures to handle the situation and raise the funds they need.

Security and crisis preparedness

The political situation in the Sudan is still uncertain. The Embassy is monitoring the events daily. Should a sudden crisis occur, the Embassy will inform the registered Swiss citizen either by e-mail or by sms. Try also to stay in contact with the Embassy in case of political unrest or a crisis.

Please inform the Embassy of changes of address/e-mail or phone and let us know when you leave the Sudan definitely.

We also recommend the following personal preparations:

  • Stay at home and ensure communications in any event of critical political development or civil disorder.
  • Keep reasonable stock of food, water and essential items at your home
  • Keep your private vehicle fully operational
  • Make sure that your passport remains valid as well as your residence permission.
  • Be sure that all documents are in order to be able to leave the country in a short notice
  • Have a reasonable supply of local and international currency /check books / credit card ready
  • Establish a list of your private property you possess in the country – maybe you can deposit a copy with a friend or a family member in an other country.

We recommend emergency pack ready with essential items for the event of a crisis:

  • Blanket or sleeping bags
  • Washing kit
  • First aid box and any personal medicines
  • Flash light an spare batteries
  • Portable transistor radio and spare batteries
  • A 2-3 days supply of lightweight, high energy or vacuum packed food
  • Drinking water
  • Dishes and cutlery, camping cooker