Public holidays

Embassy in Ankara and Consulate General in Istanbul
01.01.2020 Wednesday  New Year 
02.01.2020  Thursday  Berchtold's Day 
10.04.2020 Friday Good Friday
13.04.2020 Monday Easter Monday
21.05.2020 Thursday  Ascension Day 
25.05.2020*  Monday  Ramadan Bairam (2nd Day) 
26.05.2020* Tuesday  Ramadan Bairam (3rd Day) 
01.06.2020  Monday  With Monday 
31.07.2020* Friday Kurban Bairam (1st Day)
03.08.2020* Monday Kurban Bairam (4th Day)
29.10.2020* Thursday Republic Day 
24.12.2020 Thursday  Christmas Eve 
25.12.2020 Friday Christmas 
31.12.2020 Thursday New Year's Eve 

*Turkish Public Holidays