Swiss clubs provide opportunities to exchange views with other people. At events connected with Switzerland (e.g. the national day on 1 August) it is possible to meet some of your fellow Swiss neighbours. Such meetings are a good opportunity to share experiences in the country of posting and learn useful information.

Contact the clubs directly to find out about membership and their current programme.

"Let us be united, as two Sister Republics"
Johann Rodolph Valltravers to Benjamin Franklin, April 14, 1778

Considering the vast number of European immigrants who flocked to the New World beginning in the fifteenth century, the contribution by the tiny Swiss Confederation cannot have amounted to much numerically. But in comparison with the total population of Switzerland today, roughly 1% (approx. 70,000 people) now live in the United States, which is a considerable number.

Since the earliest days of the U.S., the Swiss have tried to preserve the traditions of their home country. Wherever a few Swiss citizens met, they formed a club where they could socialize and maintain the traditions from Switzerland and at the same time foster contacts between Switzerland and the United States.

New means of communication have made life easier, but nevertheless the desire to gather together remains strong, and it is in this spirit that the Embassy of Switzerland is proud to present you with an electronic gateway to your Swiss clubs.

Please browse on the U.S. map and look for a club that suits and feel free to contact it directly.