Davos 2022: Geneva Day

Press releases, 23.05.2022

At the World Economic Forum 2022 in Davos, the Geneva Day focused on the future of work, digital trust, and new technologies.

President Cassis stands at the lectern and speaks. In the background is a blue wall with "World Economic Forum" written on it.
President Cassis at the WEF 2022 in Davos © WEF

Geneva Day covered new technologies at the service of humanity, because digital innovation has shown time and again how new technologies can help humanity to address the challenges of today and tomorrow; the future of work, because in a post-COVID wolrd, geopolitical and economic pressures may create new social tensions and crack open long existing ones; and pioneering digital trust - a commitment for the future, because the digital transformation has profound ethical implications and calls for concrete solutions for a human-centered digital transformation of the future.