Davos 2023: Geneva Day at the WEF

Local news, 18.01.2023

The Geneva Day is, every year, one of the higlights of the World Economic Forum in Davos. This year's panels were no exception with high-level participants and highly relevant topics such as data, plastic, fragmentation, and sustainable finance.


Beating plastic pollution: each of us eats microplastic that amount to one credit card a day. We need a circular economy for plastics. The panel looked at what partnerships are needed.

Sustainable finance to decarbonize the economy: the financial sector and emerging markets are essential to a net zero transition. How to connect them?

Translating data into policy: Building on insights generated during the 2021 World Data Forum in Bern, inter alia, this panel focuses on data as a vehicle between science and policy. Moderator's blog

A fragmented world: With war in Europe and an interconnected economy, the challenges of multilateral diplomacy ahead of us all.

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