Continuation of Swiss assistance in mine action in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Press releases, 21.10.2018

The Director of cooperation at the Swiss Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Barbara Dätwyler Scheuer and the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) Regional Director for South East Europe, Sven Jonas Zachrisson, signed the agreement for the continuation of mine action activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the amount of 950.000 Swiss Francs (ca. 1,6 million BAM).

Mining action Sarajevo © SDC

“We are aware of the fact that mines do not only pose a great danger to the people, but are also a considerable obstacle to the development of the country. Switzerland has been continuously supporting mine action efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2003 and will continue in the forthcoming period. I am impressed by the results NPA BiH realized in the field of demining in BiH so far and I am looking forward to our further cooperation.” stated Director Dätwyler Scheuer during the signing ceremony. 

Through this project, Switzerland continues its support to the Demining Battalion of the Armed Forces of BiH by providing additional training and equipment. 

”Assistance to the national authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in their efforts to make the country free of mines and cluster munitions remains a priority. NPA BiH is proud to implement the clearance project supported by Switzerland. This project also further supports the Demining Battalion of the Armed Forces of BiH by providing additional training and equipment.“, said Zachrisson. 

Funds allocated within the project will allow to release additional 7.000.000 m2 of land previously contaminated by mines and cluster munitions by February 2020, hence reducing the risk for more than 20.000 people living in the affected communities.