Swiss Film Club: 'I Giacometti'

Tuesday, 26.09.2023 – Tuesday, 14.11.2023


Swiss Film Club presents: 'I Giacometti'
Swiss Film Club presents: 'I Giacometti' / Film still: © Dschoint Ventschr

The Swiss Film Club in Canada invites you to an exclusive screening of "I Giacometti" (2022) by Susanna Fanzun.

Synopsis: The rugged Swiss mountain valley of Bregaglia, in canton Graubünden, has brought forth an entire dynasty of artists: the Giacomettis. Alberto revolutionized the world of art with his slender sculptures. Before him, his father was an impressionist of the first hour. What is it about this valley that makes it the birthplace of so many artists? Director Susanna Fanzun traces the footsteps of this extraordinary family.



CALGARY, AB (in person)
Where: Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, AB
When: Thursday, November 9, at 7.30pm MT (Doors 7pm)
Tickets: Free with registration
Presented in partnership with Contemporary Calgary.

VANCOUVER, BC (in person)
Where: VIFF Centre - Vancity Theatre, Vancouver, BC
When: Monday, November 13, at 6.30pm PT
Tickets: Book / free with promo code VFC23SWISSFILMCLUB
Presented in parntership with the Vancouver Art Gallery. 


Location: Hybrid: Online / Vancouver, BC / Calgary, AB