A new Wastewater Treatment Plant in Gjakova

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Local news, 19.06.2018

The ground breaking ceremony of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant was held in Gjakova on 19 June 2018.

©RWC Radoniqi

The initiative of constructing a new wastewater treatment plant in Gjakova has gathered support from the Swiss Government through its State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, the German Government through its KfW Development Bank as well as central line Ministries and the Municipality of Gjakova.

Of a total cost of 17 million EUR, the Government of Switzerland will support this project with a grant of 8 million EUR, the German Government with a grant of 6 million EUR, while the remaining funds are provided by the Municipality of Gjakova.

The project is expected to improve the status of the environment and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Gjakova and its surroundings.