‘Water for All’ Joint Balkans Conference and Exhibition

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Local news, 07.11.2019

At the opening ceremony of the Joint Balkans Conference and Exhibition ‘Water for All’, organized by SHUKOS/SHUKALB, the Ambassador of Switzerland to Kosovo, Jean-Hubert Lebet noted that Kosovo has the most advanced water governance in the region. This relates to water services organization and management, including the consolidation of its water utilities, as well as providing the best coverage with drinking water, particularly in rural areas. These are joint achievements of Kosovo partners and donors, particularly German and Swiss.


Switzerland is a lead donor in the water sector and provides comprehensive support to improve populations’ access to drinking water as well as the overall management and governance of the services. Thus, the Rural Water and Sanitation Support Programme improved access to drinking water for over 600’000 people in rural areas, roughly 1/3 of Kosovo’s population