Participation de la Suisse à la Fête de la musique 2015 à Rabat

jeudi, 11.06.2015 – jeudi, 11.06.2015, Concert


Flyer - Samia Tawil Live à la villa des arts à Rabat ©

Born in Switzerland from a Moroccan mother and a Syrian/Swiss father, Samia has been immersed in music since an early age, be it rock, soul or oriental/arabic music.

Lieu: Rabat, à la villa des arts

She discovered very early her passion for writing and words: poignant, rebelling, indignated words, which soon led her to songwriting, in a will to put into music her rebellious poetry and her colorful multicultural universe. She perfected her musical knowledge with classes in singing and music theory, developing through that a repertory of compositions which caught the eye of an NY based production company, with whom she recorded some of her songs and performed on stage at the early age of 14, including on the French TV show “Hit Machine”, in Paris, that also hosted Björk and Sheryl Crow.