Gender equality

Gender inequality is an obstacle to development in Mozambique. Switzerland will continue to promote gender equality transversally in its domains of intervention and provide opportunities for women and men to constructively engage in changing existing gender roles and exercise their rights equally. Several of SDC’s interventions touch sensitive issues such as access to land, credit, jobs, health care, etc. where special attention will be paid to gender inequalities in planning and monitoring. Besides, it is intended to initially introduce the concept of gender-responsive budgeting mechanisms in selected initiatives.

Switzerland will contribute to closing the gender gap in Mozambique by:„

  • Ensuring that quality water and sanitation and health-related services and care are offered to men and women without discrimination
  • Increasing support for women to overcome difficulties they have in accessing land, finance services and markets
  • Strengthening women’s access to information and the voice of women and girls in formal and informal decision-making processes
  • Ensuring that social accountability processes and the media better reflect women’s needs and concerns 


Read more about the SDC gender policy in the 10 Years SDC Gender Policy (PDF, 35 Pages, 1.1 MB, English)