Economic Development

Woman in a warehouse cleaning maize corn - Inovagro project
Woman in a warehouse cleaning maize corn – Inovagro project © Aguacheiro Design and Multimedia

Switzerland supports young men, women and the economically disadvantaged to pursue employment and income opportunities. It promotes micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and smallholder farmers’ access to market, increased access to financial services and an improved business environment. In order to absorb the country’s growing young workforce, Switzerland promotes better access to basic and vocational skills development and supports entrepreneurs to improve their business in order to create more employment opportunities.

SECO complements the SDC’s activities with technical advice on public finance management and other critical areas to stimulate the national economy.

Thanks to Switzerland’s contribution over the past five years, around 81’000 farmers (53% women) have benefited from improved access to market opportunities and have seen their incomes increase by a total of USD 40 million.