Business activity in Norway

Economic Relations

The economic and commercial relations between Norway and Switzerland are of long standing and well developed. The foreign trade volume is levelled at around 900 Million Swiss Francs (4,5 billion NOK), the Swiss exports to Norway amounting to around the double of the Norwegian exports to Switzerland in the last years. The main imports from Switzerland are: machines, pharmaceutical and agricultural products, metals and metal products, instruments. Main Norwegian exports to Switzerland are: agricultural products metals and metal products, machines, paper.

The relations between the Norway and Switzerland are mostly based on the EFTA-Agreement. For more information see the Website of the European Free Trade Association.

As Switzerland is short of natural resources, high quality products and the good use of human resources play an important part in the success of the Swiss economy. Switzerland is recognised for its excellent banking services, a highly developed tourism industry and top quality technical products. Great amounts are invested in Research and Development, which is the basis of the world-wide success of the pharmaceutical and high tech industry.

With its excellent business know how, highly trained personnel, social stability and favourable situation in the middle of Europe, Switzerland is an ideal Business Location. Different regions and cantons offer attractive conditions for foreign companies wishing to establish a business in Switzerland.

Combating unfair practices via Switzerland

The Swiss authorities are aware that some companies/individuals use Switzerland as a base
for dubious business practices. Switzerland has no wish to be regarded as a "loophole" or "hideout" for criminals or companies/individuals misleading the public. Switzerland is implementing measures to prevent, find and prosecute individuals and companies engaged in such unethical practices.

Types of scams

1) Unfair practices arise most frequently in connection with trade in all types of directories, e.g. business directories, fax listings, trademark- and patent registers, mail order trading of pseudo products, sweepstakes, financial transactions and time-shares.

2) Get-rich-quick schemes: Companies which claim to be located in Switzerland, promise the target groups a specific amount of profit. As a contribution toward its expenses, the company demands an amount in dollars.

Mail with the following senders have already been reported to the competent Swiss authorities in charge of investigating fraud:

  • Fédération Internationale d'Attribution de Gains, F.I.A.G., Lausanne
  • Arlimbows, Genève
  • Department of International Settlements, Basel

The following companies/individuals are mistakenly claiming to be located in Switzerland:

1. Lotteries:

  • Swiss Lotto Agency, Zurich
  • Swiss World Cyber Lottery International-Swiss Lottery
  • De Lotto Switzerland 41132, NL-1007 SWISS-ZURICH,
  • International Lotto Club Promotion Company AG, Basel
  • Swiss Lotto Highstakes
  • International Lotto Club Promotion AG
  • WMM, C.C.International SP IT 5391, 6830 Chiasso

A list of fraudulent lotteries is published on the website of World Lottery Association:

2. Investment companies:

  • United Bank Plc, Bahnhofstr. 45A, Zürich
  • Zest Investments AB, Bahnhofstr. 45, Zürich
  • Mr David Hoffmann & Mr Philippe Ludi, c/o Valiant Privatbank AG, Bern
  • IMS Holding Group, World Trade Center II, rte de Prébois 29, 1215 Genève

We strongly advise you not to send any payments either to Switzerland or to other countries mentioned in that type of mail.

3. Other companies:

  • NovaChannel AG
  • Intercable Verlag AG

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland enjoys a good reputation as an international business location. Many headquarters of international companies and organisations are based in Switzerland.

What are the Swiss authorities doing to counter these scams?

One of their tasks is to enforce the Swiss Fair Trading Act. In this context, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (seco) has taken legal action and launched criminal proceedings against several companies/individuals. These cases are currently pending in court.

For further details please see:

the publication from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs: Unfair practices via Switzerland
the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN)
or contact this Embassy by mail or e-mail