Francophonie Festival 2019 : Swiss Film “Encordés” / Roped up

Friday, 15.03.2019 – Friday, 15.03.2019


"Encordès" a documentary by Frédéric Favre
© Lomotion AG, "Encordès", directed by Frèdèric Favre

The Embassy of Switzerland is pleased to present “Encordés”, a documentary by Frédéric Favre about the famous competition:  “Patrouille des Galciers”.

Synopsis: Florence wants to take part in memory of her father, but she is not used to engage in a team. Guillaume is an accomplished competitor. He struggles to find a balance between family, work and passion for the mountains. Antoine has just left rehab. Now he’s eager to prove his worth to the world. A raw and intimate journey into the three protagonists' innermost motivations and the story of how this adventure transforms them. For one and a half years, film director Frédéric Favre follows three ski mountaineers as they prepare for the “Patrouille des Glaciers”, an incredibly tough race across the Swiss Alps.

Date: Friday, 15 March 2019

Time: 8:00pm

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Rating: PG
In French, with English subtitles
Switzerland, 2017, 106mins
Director: Frédéric Favre
Genre: Documentary

Location: Alliance française de Singapour, 1 Sarkies Road, Singapore 258130