A brilliant family doctor

Local news, 14.11.2018

Almaz Toirov (36 years old) is the only professional medic available in the mountainous town of Murghab in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).

Dr. Almaz during his work in Health center in Murgab
Dr. Almaz during his work in Health center in Murgab ©SCO Tajikistan

The village is located at the altitude of 3500 m above sea level. Each winter the road to the main urban center – Khorog – gets blocked, and the villagers have to rely on themselves. The access to goods and services, including health services, is difficult for those women, men and children living in Murgab and the villages around. However, the new family doctor Mr. Almaz and family nurses, both capacitated and equipped by the Swiss funded Community Based Family Medicine project have improved people’s access to affordable and reliable primary health care services throughout the year.

After graduating from the Tajik Medical University Dr. Almaz together with other doctors and nurses of Gorno-Badakhshan working at primary healthcare level, participated in the 6-month training and were re-trained as family medicine specialists. Now, he together with four nurses provide medical service to over 7,000 inhabitants of Murgab town. Beside his routine work in the clinic Dr. Almaz and other volunteers- health promoters also visit elderly and disabled people who are not able physically come to the clinic.

“You cannot imagine how people are happy to have a Family doctor here”- says Anora, a local woman. “My mother has a high blood pressure and 2 years ago we were so stressed because due to the heavy snowfall we could not reach the doctor who works 300 km away from us.  Now Doctor Almaz and nurses help my mother to control her blood pressure.  Almaz is like a precious stone in our district and he proved his name, which means a brilliant!”

The Community-Based Family Medicine (CBFM) project is implemented by Aga Khan Health Services in GBAO and three districts of Khatlon Oblast and will end by December 2018. The project aligns closely with Tajikistan’s National Health Strategy (2010 - 2020). The project supports the Tajik government efforts  in reforming the health sector by encouraging the adoption of measures that improve access, quality and efficiency of care delivery.

Community Based Family Medicine in Tajikistan, Project


This film is about the Community-Based Family Medicine (CBFM) project.

Video © Swiss Cooperation Office Tajikistan