Switzerland contributes to the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Rasht Valley

Local news, 15.05.2020

The Government of Switzerland and Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) distributed medical supplies to the COVID-19 headquarters established in Fayzobod, Rogun, Nurobod, Rasht, Tojikobod, Lakhsh and Sangvor districts of Rasht Valley.

The support package consists of 8'050 masks, 7'000 gloves, 3;500kg chlorine, 700 pcs of spirits, 14 remote and 350 mercury thermometers, 210 rubber shoes, 210 glasses, 70 antiplaque coats, 70 medical spray devices, and 350 bedding sets. The medical goods are distributed through the district-level COVID-19 headquarters and intended for the health facilities.

“Switzerland has been active for many years in all districts in the Rasht Valley, implementing health, safe drinking water and disaster risk reduction integrated projects-says Walburga Roos, the Head of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan.- By adapting parts of this program, Switzerland - together with its implementing partners - is directly responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in these remote areas of Tajikistan. Since they are in the front line, health care workers are the main beneficiaries of this free-of-charge assistance. They must absolutely be protected from a potential infection and be able to take care of their own safety. Only then, they shall efficiently assist and support the patients”.

The ‘Integrated Health and Habitat Improvement Project’ is one of the exemplary projects in terms of transparency and involvement of all stakeholders from beneficiary level to district governments and national ministries, AKDN and SDC. This enabled us to turn around fast and readjust activities to support the population against COVID19 spread.” – noted Mr. Kishwar Abdulalishoev, Chief Executive Officer of Aga Khan Foundation Tajikistan.   

Considering the increasing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and potential threat the virus poses to population and health system, AKDN will look for other opportunities to support the Tajik government in preparing and responding to the disease spread in the country.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Guldarbogh Sadonshoeva

National Program Manager,

Aga Khan Health Services Tajikistan

Email: guldarbogh.sadonshoeva@akdn.org